Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sheep in the city

I played tourist guide to my parents today.
The only thing missing was a purple umbrella, a bright smile and sticker tags.
So, we went to the big city of Kuala Lumpur, like sheeps in the city. Brought them to Taman Jaya Putra LRT Station-"Har? Have to walk so far ar? I thought you said the station is beside the Amcorp Mall parking bays?" " It IS, mom.", commuted to KL Sentral and then hitched a ride on the Monorail(of which was my mom's and dad's first) to Bukit Bintang.
I know, I know, why not stop at Imbi and save 50 cents?

Me : "So, here we are. If we stop at Imbi, it's RM1.60 and we would have to cross the road and walk not far to Sg Wang and Bintang Walk. If stop at Bkt Bintang leh, it's more expensive but no need to walk lar."

Mom : "No, I don't want to walk, Stop at Bkt Bintang !"

'Nuff said.

Thus we arrived at around 1 pm, while my Kuok Foundation Interview (which was why I went there in the first place) was scheduled at 4 pm. So what's a girl and her mom, and her trudging dad to do but to while the time away, shopping ? Give my mom a shopping complex to walk in and she won't ever complain about having to walk a lot.
After lunch of course, at KFC.
Dad : "Come to K.L to eat KFC. Yeah."

"The chicken here is nicer!" Of course.

And so I bought, well technically my parents bought for me, trackpants, working slacks at 50% off and a long sleeved shirt at 70% off over at Sg. W. and Isetan.
And, surprise of all surprises, my mom bought me a white gold ring, which I kinda liked very, very much and best of all, it was at a bargain price.
And I'm there to beg for a loan and/or grant with a white gold ring, Esprit watch and gold chain. YEAH. Smart right?!
For the record, the watch was a gift, the ring less than 40 bucks and the chain was bought long time ago. Shucks, I should have just gone there without anything.
Without any accessories, not clothes, mind you.
But they're all my good luck charm mar.

I wasn't nervous, at first, but when you're sitting on the couch outside the room, freakin cold with the clerk fiddling with the computer, knowing that whatever happens behind that door will decide whether you get or not, my heart involuntarily palpitated. For a while.
I don't get it, I tend to be nervous during interviews, making silly lame jokes and sounding more nervous, squeky and softer than I would have liked.
And I'll bla until I don't know what I'm bla'ing about.

A bell rang, an indication that I'm supposed to go in.
2 chinese ladies sat at the table, with a chair placed opposite them.

Lub Dup Lub Dup.

"Good afternoon, er, Miss Chuah?"

Lub Dup Lub Dup.

"Good afternoon ! " Trying to sound as cheerily and less forced as humanly possible.

"Please sit."

Lub Dup Lub Dup.

And so I sat, at the edge of the chair, back straight.

"Oh, do lean back, relax, don't worry"

And so I did lean back, a little.

"You can lean back some more , make yourself comfortable"

I haven't even noticed that I hadn't lean back as much as they would want me too, so I meekly did as I was told.

And so it started.

Lub Dup.......teeeeeeet [ straight heart line indicating no heart beat]

I wish.
I shall not bore you with the details, though.
It ended and let's pray hard shall we?
Even if I don't get it, I'm sure they gave it to more deserving students who needed the help more than me. So it's alright.

On the way home,

"It's pretty easy isn't it travelling around K.L."


"So next time your papa and I can go jalan-jalan by ourselves when you go off to the University la"

WTH, without me?! " er..Yeah."


kinwai said...

Hahaha. Who can blame u? Everyone's nervous when it comes to interview. Sory last night just slept off la, so din reply your sms.

Me's still bit nervous going all the way down to utm.

amy-da-great said...

Not to worry, I fell asleep myself. lol

No one can blame you too, everyone's nervous embarking on a brand new journey*wink*..but I have faith that you'll do good!

buttercup said...

wow!! your parents really like a fren to you huh.. haha.. you'll get the loan thingy aren't you? mayb they'll give you free also... rite? who knows? haha.... your recent blogs are funny... haha..

amy-da-great said...


Yeap, they are! Sometimes lar..but most of the time, they act like parents..
The loan thingy, I hope so lor. But the results will only be out early August. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed!