Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Neglected! -for a while

Here's the deal. I'm a procrastinator and I darn very well know it and because of this stoopid habit of mine, I tend to do things last minute, and when I do things last minute, I worry and when I worry, there goes my mood out the window.
As easy as 1 + 1 = 2.
So why haven't I figured that out yet? Stuff it in your head and keep it in.
Never assume nor leave everything to tomorrow because tomorrow might very well not appear for you, dear amy.

The reason I've been neglecting for a while besides the lack of inspiration was the fact that my inspiration has been forced to be directed upon the task of completing a 1500 + words essay for the IMU Medical Scholarship. It was on why I wanted to be a doctor (hmm. very original. blek.) and my perspective of a doctor's life ( very,very original)

Blissfully ignorant to the fact that I haven't written an essay in half a year,
"1500 words only mar. sap sap water ( easy peasy)"
So there I was, in front of the computer, feeling enthusiastic and filled with ideas.
Wrote until about 300 plus words and I got stuck.
1200 more words to go.
I started to sweat.
Got up, walked around and proceeded back to the computer. Still stuck.
Grabbed something to bite, something sweet to drink.
Yep, still stuck.
SO I did the next best thing, switched the darn thing off and continued the next day.
And the next, and the next AND the next. Managed to finish, thankfully.
After which I had to start on Another essay on why I wanted the scholarship.
Man. Excruciating.

Okay fine, with both done and completed, I took it for granted and assumed that I didn't need to read the Instructions before filling the form.
I made an ASS out of U and ME. Well, basically just me. Took a double take and realized that the instructions are darn long, that I needed to photostate 6 copies of the completed form, get EA, EPF, payslips, a Confidential Report by the principal AND a Hepatitis B Lab Report.All due on Friday, the 16th.
See?! So smart right?!
So, rushed to school this morning, kay-pohed with the teachers. Oh, btw dear friends, ALL your latest news I've already blabbed to them today. *grins*
Went for lunch with mummy and guess who I met?
Dearest Asha, a primary school classmate cum close friend cum bully kaki cum comrades-in-arms who I haven't seen for a number of years. We must have looked like a bunch of mad fellas, shouting and hugging and standing while chatting whilst our food go cold on the table.

Come afternoon, papa took me to get the Hepatitis B test done. Had my blood drawn for the very first time. Diluted stuff, me blood.
The good doctor didn't miss the opportunity to ask whether I've been taking the EPOs, with a mischievous glint which I could have sworn I've detected.

Exasperatedly, my dad retorted " Yeah, for like probably 2 times in 2 weeks!"

"Where got ! "

Doc : "Three times?"

Under my breath, "More like four times."

Thanks to my big mouth, I found myself commiting to CC-ing my long-winded-story-of-a-doctor-and-his-life-according-to-moi to him.
I can imagine him laughing his head off while reading.

But anyway, before anyone gets any funny ideas, especially Kenny, he's already married with kids.

And now, South Korea is playing against Togo, after which France will get some action on the field and then, the Brazil boys will be samba-ing to the twilight rhythm of early dawn.

To snooze or not to snooze. That is indeed the question.


kinwai said...

eh? first time i\my comment is the first! seriously didn't expect u to reply my sms last night, er, morning. Eh, normally u'll be pig'ging away la tht time. Woke up just to watch samba eh? Kinda boring match rite? Yawn....

amy-da-great said...


actually you woke me up but I memang wanted to wake up one..lol..
the samba session? read me latest post

buttercup said...

huh? why suddenly bring kenny in? me blur blur la.. y y? wat's the connection? arrr... help...

amy-da-great said...


sigh. If you don't understand, nevermind it's okay!
lol !