Friday, June 16, 2006

Why not 8 perfect lovers instead? Ish...

I've been tagged and I know this post is overdue-sorry! But the anticipation makes it all the more sweeter right? *grins*
I would think the characteristics of my version of a perfect love would be longer than 8 but since I'm being restricted to 8, so here's 8 lar.

1. Sense of humour - A person who could look at things from a humorous perspective always wins points in my book. Laughter's the best medicine anyway and He who does not take himself seriously is he who is happy!

2. Loving / Caring - A perfect lover would of course, have a loving soul, one who loves himself, the people around him and the world he lives in.

3. Worldly wise- He does not necessarily have to be smart, just world-conscious, knowing that the World Cup is held every 4 years and that the leatherback turtle is on the brink of extinction. In short, he musn't be ignorant; which is why I find myself having crushes on older, brooding, sophisticated men. lmao.

4. Mischievousness - A hint of mischievousness is much preferred than all-the-time seriousness. Naughty but nice!

5. Patient - One who knows certain things cannot be helped, like getting stuck in a massive traffic jam , or knows that certain things cannot be rushed but be allowed to run its course, and one who isn't easily irritated is good, because I can get pretty irritating sometimes!

6. Kind-hearted - Who would want one with a heart of stone?

7. Brave - Not afraid to show affection, not afraid to admit mistakes, not afraid to show emotions and not afraid of moi.

8. Passionate - Passionate in what he believes in and passionate in living.

Okay, that makes it 8. I'm done !
Not as easy as I thought.
Now I gotta tag 8 people, and they are *drumrolls*..
Kexin (hehe) , Kin Wai, Ee Von, Maggie, Adrian, Seng Aun, Shirlyn, Chee Shin.
8? Right.
Har Har. Have fun cracking your head!


kinwai said...

WOI!! don't ever, ever, EVER send me your wedding card that imprints " AMY CHUAH SIM MEI IS HAPPILY MARRIED TO MR X, WHO IS 45 YEARS OF AGE."

whoa..... wat ever will happen then.... hahaha! Of cos not possible la. But then again, seeing all those criteria, he does sound like a 40 year old.

Esther said...

you didnt tag me??!

hrmmp.. don't wanna friend you ady la!


amy-da-great said...


kenny tagged you ady la friend!


LMAO. So true. But then again, who knows?