Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Scene : Father Chuah, Mother and Daughter are on the way up the stairs to the apartment after a mamak session with aunts and cousins. While talking of course, about going lepaking with friends.

Dad : "Go lar, go out with your friends"

Mom : "Why so like that one? When I want to go out, you Always say no, but you Always encourage YOUR (note : emphasized) daughter to go out. "

Daughter : Heh heh.

Dad : "Because she goes out with a group of friends mar"

Mom : "Yeah, like the ones I wanted to go out with aren't friends." Rolling her eyes.

Dad : to me, " Going out is not wrong but make sure that next time in University, you don't simply go out just like that and without informing us."

Daughter : as convincingly as possible, "I won't wan lar."

And then, totally out of the blue (and green and red)

Dad : And make sure NO Indian or Malay boyfriend. I want only Chinese boyfriend.


I couldn't stop laughing-albeit nervously.

Not to mention my mom.

My Dear, dear Papa.


lw said...




YJ said...

herlo... leaving u the 1st comment .. found the topic to be too interesting.. on the good side... i'm a step closer to my luxurious dinner ..hahah!!! on the flip side ..realy hope that u'll make the right choice as how u choose ur course .. i know u'll choose ur best husband ..it's UR husband not us dad's wife ya.. so it's ur family that u're dealing with .. of course ur dad insisted u so so badly for a chinese BF cuz he has his reasons cuz sometime different-colour bf or husband might have a lot of probs.. which i dunno wat are the probs too..hehe ... just hope u'll make ur wisest choice k ! ~~~~follow ur heart~~~~ as u always did !

buttercup said...

yoyo... haha... ur dad seems to be really concerned with ur... errr.."malay" & "indian" bf huh? haha... li wei did bet on tht? hahaha...too bad la lily... there goes ur bet. haha..

Ee Von said...

ahem ahem. :l

hehehe. talk about... uthaya? erm, lemme see... ong kor kor? who else... oh well. i guess so far i can only remember that 2. so i think the latter qualifies hor? Tsk. :D

kinwai said...

woi woi woi.... uthaya le? he's banggla is it? hahahaha

Esther said...

wah, first fun read since i haven't been able to online for a few days.

haha.. yeah, i'm on the winning bet here. must listen to your papa okay?!

amy-da-great said...

to-semua orang

firstly, YO yj! Finally! haha

Secondly, THE bet.
I've forgotten about that..lmao.
No matter what I do also, there will bound to be some people a lil' bit poorer somewhere!
But what happens if I don't marry? All of ya belanja me makan?
heh heh.
But personally, the colour of the skin doesn't really matter to me. Red, green or blue also doesn't matter la as long as the fella is essentially a good person.
Enough, no?

and hor, what's with naming names ar! lebih ooo..after people perasan I die wan you know!

buttercup said...

haha... it's getting fun here... one single blog then all da utthaya, J koko also come out d... who knows later Kapal Singh also come out... wat ever color u also dun mind? wat about someone who had it all at the same time, sick,blusing,sad,*vomitting*,laughing,
chinese, indian,malay all colors-in-one? haha.