Sunday, June 18, 2006


It was Saturday night, June the 17th and after little planning and huge word-spreading, 6BS1/AS1 reunion finally happened in one quaint little shop called Kayu.
Perfect because it's very affordable, privacy was not a problem, and I can safely attest that everyone loves mamak food. Who doesn't, please raise your hand? See, None.
Practically everyone was fasionably late, almost 40 minutes, thanks in no small part to the huge jam in Banting road and the Bayu-Bkt Tinggi traffic lights (2 main roads towards the destination) but all is forgiven the very moment they step into the room.
Such is the power of friendship.
I haven't seen some since The results day so it was great to be able to meet up, catch up and eat.
Squeals of joy, hugs, screams of "Ohmygodyou'reherehowyou'vechanged!"and "Howareyouwhatwereyoudoingwhatareyoudoing?" filled the air. And of course, of "GOAL!" thanks to the flat TV, privately for us.
All in all, it was an enjoyable dinner and a golden chance to be at the same place, at the same time before going off on different routes. The only disappointment on that night was the fact that some couldn't make it so it wasn't a full reunion but attendance was surprisingly satisfactory.
Although we were in the same class for only about a year plus but this is one tight group. I guess the tribulations and the immense suffering brought us together like nothing ever could. (",) We've got each other's back!
Us, being us, of course you could count on pictures.

Girls Part 1

Girls Part 2


With Preeta, Priya and Pushpa (Eh! 3 P's' ..) plus Perempuan.

But anyway, these are from my going-to-no-battery camera, so very few pictures; more is with Yi Jiang. And since the whole universe is in a big Hoo-Haa over the recently announced University Applications Results, I guess I won't be getting more pics from him anytime soon so these would have to do.

Ah. University Results.

That's a WHOLE another blog post.

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