Thursday, June 22, 2006

A little conversation

"When you're in the University, you must take care of yourself already."

"Erm." -to mean, yes father I hear you loud and clear. Without all those extra words.

We were in the car after dinner with padawan's family.

"Cannot say don't want to eat this, don't want to drink that in the morning."


"Don't simply mix around, must choose your friends wisely."

"Ah. " - to mean, affirmative.

At this point, my mom who was driving, turned around to look at me, smiling. One glance said it all.

I shrugged and made a face. I had to listen, there's no way out of the car.

"Take care of your stuff, don't simply put here put there."


"Must go to the temple to get protection ady."

Mom interjected, "She already has one from a temple in Taiping. A strong one some more."

"Where got such thing as strong or weak one?"


"You must be intelligent, not only in studies but other aspects too."


"Campus life is very different !"

"Like lar you've been through it before."

"Eh! I almost made it okay. It's just that they gave me the wrong exam paper when I sat for it!"

My mom glared.


ShinD said...

crap! sounded exactly like how my parents did. do u think they actually discussed bout this?

LW said...

wrong paper... hmm that's new... lmao

kinwai said...

haha. looks like i'm leaving ady. printed out the program specs and it does contain a bit of electronics.

All da best to u as well. And yeah gonna miss u. Don't hook up wit older men lo

amy-da-great said...

Maybe ! lol.. They probably got together somewhere, sometime.

that's me dad!

All the best to you too.. and I'll definitely miss each and every one of ya...*sniff*
I hope you'll have a great time there!
Don't worry, I won'
But what if I do?
heh heh