Friday, June 30, 2006

Of Superman and The Last Supper.

Finally was able to meet up with Esther (who was on holiday some more), Hao Shen and Kin Wai yesterday before KW leaves for Johor, and me to K.L (so far hor) this weekend. HS will be leaving too, to Australia on the 14th; HS if you're reading this, you better not leave without a word !
And so we went to watch none other than the man of steel, superb Superman on the silver screen. I was anxious, excited and I wasn't disappointed.
The very moment the opening credits start to swerve in and out, in the middle of space, with its millions of stars on a humongous screen whilst its familiar spine-tingling tune -da da DA, DadadaDaDADA.. boomed in surround sound, I knew that was it. I was a born-again fan.
I liked Christopher Reeves who was somewhat irreplaceable but Brandon looked the part and fitted almost like a glove. He's cute to boot, sometimes too perfect to be real as Esther had pointed out in the cinema.
Plus, I've always loved Kevin Spacey since The Negotiator and it's alright that Kate Bosworth was one time Legolas's (Orlando Bloom) rumoured or not? lady love. Who can blame him?
And OMG, that hair with the curled 's' in front. I've almost forgotten about that!
It was great and it was a feast.
Go watch it.

Met Anne-who had just came back from Ukraine for a 2 months break and Thava too, after lunch and after Kin Wai had left. We practically stood there in a circle talking for about 45 minutes before deciding to sit down and talk somemore. They're both well and doing good, I might add.
Both of 'em left, and the 3 of us trooped back to watch another movie, for a steal of RM3 thanks to KW's free tickets, for Scary Movie 4.
Like I've expected, a silly spoof movie, with crude laughs in between.
But at least I've watched it. *grins*

Night falls, YJ and I went over to Mr. Prasad's to give him a gift before meeting up with the gang at Lil' Asia.
Ah, tuitions.
No more for me !
They're called tutorials now.

We figured that Lil' Asia wasn't enough and so we adjourned to LW for more lepak'ing sessions.
He had to go home early you see.
I called home, explaining the crisis.
"Mom, we're going over to LW's house, Pauline will send me home later."
"Oh. Why?"
"Because he had to go home early."
"Ah, and the rest of don't have to?"
Almost immediately : "Yeah."

Wait...that doesn't sound right.

And the sentenced replayed in my head again, coupled with my mom's sarcastic tone :
"And the rest of you don't have to ?"

Oh. Crap.

"Er, no lar no lar, heh heh "-attempt to rectify mistake, failed.

We bought a tub of ice-cream over and there we were,
Pau, Ling, YJ, LW and I, in the living room having our last (at the moment) supper of fattening ice-cream together.
In the spirit of togetherness : One fat, all fat!
Pau will be off to Johor tomorrow before the break of dawn, YJ to UPM and Ling to Sabah on Sunday.
And of course, the tai lou, LW to the Czech Republic in September who never fails to remind us how lucky we are to remain in Malaysia.
I admit, I was sad, it was melancholy and sombre.
Of course, they HAD to dig up some personal old buried history but that's the thing, it's history that we have together. Best-forgotten history, best-remembered history, laughter, stumbles and secrets.
As beautiful as the memories are,
I do believe that the future's just as beautiful.
New steps, now, baby steps at first but we'll run soon enough.
And by then, we'll have new stories to share.

New memories to build.


LW said...

GASP. U made me sound so old..

amy-da-great said...


I'm just stating the obvious. heh heh.
You're not lar! And I wasn't implying that you're old anyway.
Still very young, not to worry!

kinwai said...

whoa u immediately went to watch on the same day ar? hahaha.

finally i'm able to go online! using library's pc. always full wan lo. guess they're all very diligent and hardworking, as well as consistent, in updating their e-mail and friendster..... hahaha

yeah now got chance to blog. hope can produce something good le