Wednesday, July 19, 2006

1 minute update

I have 1 minute to do this, as the next batch of people's about to enter the lab for pharmacoinformatics, so here goes. Super short, mind you.

- I'm dead tired.
- Crappy orientation still going on with classes already starting, plus practicals, reports and assignments due every day
- Crappy signature taking from the seniors, with some totally unwilling to give without some humiliation of some sort.
- I've drank air kencing manis so far.
- I've danced.
- I've acted as if I found loads of money and realized they are fake.
- I've modelled.

-I need some sleep.

-I need some familiar faces to pull me out from this rut of self-destruction.

-I shall slowly detail my first few weeks in UM later on.

-I need to go.


Lw said...

air kencing manis?? WTF is that?

Esther said...

i want to hear all about it this wekends, k??!! don't ffk, yeah.

Ee Von said...


In the name of whatever god, what the hell is name? you didn't told me about that when we met!

and hey, let's hang out at your cafeteria some day. i heard got nice burgers and ais kacang. one night i'll drop by there with my friends.


Ee Von said...

sorry, typo. second line first word, *that*

amy-da-great said...

I'll tell you ALL about it when we meet..

I've kept my promise! Told ya loadsa stories just now.. *wink

Please please please come! I heard the ABC's quite good but I haven't tried la...come and get me out of boredom..make sure you drop by ar!
I'll be waiting..

kinwai said...

Wah?? u drank your diabetic lecturer's piss? Wow....

amy-da-great said...

Yeah. I did.
'Nuff said!