Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wah, bangga.

There was a stack of papers on my class rep's table, 'NOTITIA' it read.
Why Pharmacy? Hmm. Why so very the familiar?
My Name.
It was embarassing and exciting at the same time. An article, by me! My name splashed onto the newspapers 2-paged papers all over the country all over the Pharmacy Department. It wasn't like something big or anything but to see my name printed onto papers distributed to each and every student, I can't help but feel a teeny bit proud.
Now the only thing left to do is to figure out how to distribute these self photostated Notitias' to the whole of UM. heh heh.
Or even to you. Just drop me your address, I'll gladly send you a copy.

With charges applied of course.


Esther said...

woohooo.. congratulations!
so proud of you.

but, no surprise la. you'll get more prints with your name.

and wear a BIG name tag yeah, so everyone knows who's CHUAH SIM MEI!

lw said...

wow.. you should be proud.. :)

ButTeRcUp said...

lol!! see.. someone is always tht shining bright where ever she goes... i wanna be like tht!! hmmm.. must try to write some articles.. hmmm.. start with wat ar??? simmy, tips.. and err... you know my address.. aren't you? i would like a copy. soft copy pun bolek pakai...

li ern said...

whoa comparable to liwei's ISC d la babe...did i get it rite?..oops if i did not..

amy-da-great said...

mucho gracias!
yeah..I'll get a big manila card and print my name on it in block letters..thanks for the suggestion ! lmao

its a small thing actually..and I seriously doubt whether anyone reads it in the first place! haha..

I don't shine as brightly as the people around here star very very the small only! =)
I'll send the copy over to ya la some problem.
I know what you can write about, write heh heh..joking!

to-li ern
hey ern! so nice to see ya round here! holidays ady rite? We shall go yam char..or rather, we Must go yam char.. =)
ISC? I'm not sure what's that though..maybe you or li wei can shed some light?