Friday, September 22, 2006

The day UEM called

I've just finished bathing when I saw a missed call.

Oh. Scholarship.
Called back but no one answered -dang!

In the middle of dinner, the phone rang and there it was, again - "UEM"
The scholarship has been offered to yours truly and I was supposed to confirm at the very moment. Yeah, as if fickle-minded ol' Sim Mei would make a big decision like that in an instant.
So, managed to defer the decision to today.
Called papa-o and mummy-o and guess what they said?
After a whole lot of other things; "Up to you."

Ah, but papa knows her daughter very well, so he basically knows that she will think a lot, so he thought for her instead.

The thing is, I would have to be bonded to them for 4 years, on top of the compulsory 4 years government service (1 year housemanship + 3 yrs service)
So if I were to accept and to decide to switch fields, I'd be a ripe old age of 32.
On the plus side, it would be an opportunity to learn from one of the main, if not the biggest pharmaceutical group.
And I would have a job secured for me after the compulsory service.
And oh, did I ever mention that I was actually contemplating a teeny weeny bit about switching to medic?
But that's beside the point and another story altogether. I've been blessed with what I'm doing right now and I'll make the most out of it. I will.

I've had a chat with my mentor and I think I have a better view on things.
But ultimately, the decision is mine, mine all the way.
Let's see how it goes, shall we?

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