Friday, May 05, 2006

Thank thee, 3 lil' piggies !

The interview on Tuesday was basically a frontal crapping session, but honoured to be chosen for the final interview nonetheless. Made me feel grateful that I live at a considerable distance of Port Klang instead of Penang, Malacca and god-knows-where like some of the interviewees there. Two interviewers per person, 40-45 minutes each where the usual were dished out; about myself, achievements, challenges, general knowledge, etc.
Talked all the way to China and back. In circles.
Basically it went like this.

Interviewer : The interview is divided into 3 parts, da da da... So, tell us about yourself.

Me : I have a mother, a father, an elder brother and we live in Port Klang.
I didn't stop there of course.

Interviewer : Give us your biggest co-curricular achievements.

Me : I didn't know what the hell to say and which to choose so I just said the first thing that came into my mind, which was,
Erm, to be entrusted with the faith of being a head prefect?
of which I almost kicked myself the moment I said it.

Interviewer : Why?
Of course there'd be a why

Me : Blabbed some more.

Interviewer : The challenges faced?

Me : Blabbed again, with some salt and pepper added unwittingly

Interviewer : We would need specific examples.

Me : Why of course. More salt and pepper. And ajinomoto.

And it continued.

My general question was regarding Sports. Advantages, Disadvantages, the role it plays. I felt like I was writing a karangan, albeit the only thing moving was my mouth. Felt a little cheesy, actually, but I blabbed anyway without an inkling whether I was off topic or whether what I said made any sense. It was an experience anyway, so if I do get it, it would be great, if I don't, I'm sure they gave it to more deserving individuals.

Met up with friends for a free dinner ala a somewhat fine dining ( Free food + sim mei = happy sim mei) at the Taylors' Hospitality and Tourism campus for the students' practical thingy. I didn't know that this guy, a Taylors student, who would be serving us paid for the food. I just assumed that it's free, provided for by the college. It was afterall, a practical. Felt sorry that we weren't as accomodating as we should. Couldn't blame us, it started late. And we didn't have any caramelized bananas. Such a sin. lmao.
But I had another friend thank him again when I found out later on.
So I feel a lil' teeny bit better. But felt bad just the same.

Now, Wednesday was blast.
4 pigs; pig mama( that would be yours truly) , pig butt, pig head and pig tail met up for a belated birthday gathering at The Curve.
The result?
For the record, I purposely sang off key. Or like what Hao Shen said, as if that song had a key in the first place. =Þ
one pig is missing, the one holding the camera, thanks esther aka pig butt.

the pictures would be pretty self-explanatory.

I'm always hungry. feet unite

Masks off !

Failed attempt of self pic-taking

take 2 !

Ee Von had to work at 4 so the other 3 pigs adjourned to 1U for jalan and drinks.Kluang Station's Coffee and bread ain't that bad!

Now, Thursday was good fun too.

Went to redbox, SP with ex Form 5 classmates, since those in Universities and Colleges are having holidays now and to kind of celebrate birthdays.

Happy Belated Mei Ching ! and Happy Birthday May Lynn!

We sorta went bonkers, singing also, Malay songs like Cindai and Kau Ilhamku (a staple!) and oldies like The Great Pretender.

Drank coffee,literally, at Delifrance.

I totally blame that huge mug of super strong freshly-brewed coffee for my insomnia last night.

Today's Friday. No plans, except tuition later in the evening.

As for tomorrow, I'll be having tea with the King.


ButTeRcUp said...

haha... looking at the title itself alr make the whole thing sounds so literature... like sonnet 18.. haha... well, it seems tht the company of this 4 piggys are doing well along ya.. haha.. too bad tht d connection here is not good enough and always dc so i could not see d video.. and amy, i dunno tht u can sing, i tot u onli sing school songs.. hahaha... and ur interview sound kinda bored.. if i were u i think i would last for tht long period.. haha... gambade n good luck ya.. who's d king anyway? beruang saya?

amy-da-great said...

hopefully the 4 pigs will grow round and happy together la..come to think of it, only 3 grow round..I wanna remain the same. lol.
Nope. I can't sing to save my life! haha. I just pretend that I could sing... =)
tsk! Not beruang saya lar!