Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Of doubts and wonders

Today's Oprah : Doubt = Don't do it.

Doubt is a way of God or whatever form/forms the higher being that you believe in, of telling you that you are not sure and therefore to not do it. It may also be your conscience telling you that you aren't as ready as you think so don't be a smartass just yet.

But, how do you know that the niggling doubt that you have inside you is nothing but pure unadulterated fear? And that that fear of something unknown, unstable and new might just jeopardize you in the end? Some live for the unknown, I know, making decisions in the blink of an eye and never turn their heads to look behind and think again, and again for that matter. But I am a typical Taurean. I like stability but routine scares me. Bullish, and horny horn-Y (with horns).

I guess you'll never know unless you take that step and the most beautiful thing is, the road you choose is a real-life adventure. You get to be a buccaneer, swaggering cowboy or a Can-Or-Not in outer space. The journey itself is worth the shot.
Mental note : Whatever path you're on, remember to smell the roses on the way? Even if you do sometimes get lost somewhere.


Discovered that Counter Statistics can actually tell you a lot ! From the number of new visitors, hits, to graphs and percentages, it's kinda fun!
and I stumbled upon this :

Referring URL: sim mei&fr=FP-tab-web
May 24, 2006 04:14:02 AM
Windows XP
Internet Explorer 6.0

Means that someone found this blog by looking up 'chuah sim mei' over at Yahoo! .
Plenty of CSMs in this world right?

Even I looked up 'amy chuah' once before at Bloggers because I was too darn bored. But this time, I wasn't the one looking.
Hmm Hmm.


kinwai said...

Aiya caramba. So deep la meaning. I practically understands nothing in the first paragraph except the word (yep, u know it too don't u?) horny. HAHA! can't deny tht rite! It is true tht Taureans are horny's. haha! And also all guys are horny as well (few exceptions of cos i.e. liau! haha!) Wah! So i must be an extra horny guy la wei! Eh.... tht's me wat. And yes! I'm on TV!! Tv3!! Yeehaw!

Top ten Undisputed but Hidden-behind-the-Cloak Criminal faces.
I'm the first runner-up. Sigh.....

amy-da-great said...

now, why am I not surprised?
Horny Taurean !
Aiyo... you should be the most wanted criminal, not the first runner up!
Feel so sorry for you...nvm..there's always a next time! Just more evil? =)

buttercup said...

yo!!! haha... like wat kin wai said, it's kinda high-class thingy for me.. haha.. well bout the search thingy, it's kinda funny. haha... onli the name chuah ma,. mayb ppl searching for chuah jui ming le? haha

amy-da-great said...


noler..the search is for 'chuah sim mei'..if its just for 'chuah' I won't be so perasan one..=) like you said lar, it would prob be some other chuahs!