Thursday, May 11, 2006

No woman no cry

My girlfriends and I had this conversation the other day regarding, what else, love, like and what-nots.
And it doesn't help that this particular topic : first love, relationships, kept cropping up in newspapers, TV etc.
Or maybe I'm just overly sensitive.
But anyway, It got me thinking. I'm 20 going on 45 and I've never been in any serious relationships..or any relationship, period. (of course there are family and friends;... you know what I mean)
So, am I missing out on something that might be good? Or should I count my lucky stars that I never had to crack my head and bawl over something like zis?
Of course I would want my first to last, or maybe be the last, but girls just wanna have fun. No? Nah, not that type. I think.
I agree, sometimes I do envy those in healthy relationships but at the same time, it scares me half to death to be so close with someone else.
Someone once told me that I'm unwilling to open up my heart, yeah, for you to stuff a knife in?!
I don't know, the opportunities that came along throughout my 20 years of life are either
-wrong timing
-wrong person
-bad chemistry
And it's not like I'm Miss Universe. Don't jual mahal ! Tsk Tsk..
And most of the time, or rather all of the time, I hid behind this humongous sturdy rock of 'studies first'. I ain't saying that's not good though, Studies should, in fact come first.
But I'm good .
I'm my own person.
I have me. That's all I need !


kxin said...

I can understand what you mean, since my LouKuPoh incident.. hehe.. anyways, not having bone and waiting for the right one is a good thing. Don't get someone just cause you are pressured or people think that you're trying to be hard to get. When the right person comes along, it'll happen.. so right now, enjoy life and live like you've never before!

LW said...

They come and goes...

Just make sure u have your net when they comes la.. haha


amy-da-great said...

totally agree..leave it to whoever upstairs! lets just hope when he turns up, there'll be Huge neon flashlights pointing to him, reading : This is HIM!
Singles Unite!

Wanna go shopping for nets?

ian said...


No worries la, Amy. Just enjoy your life, live it to the fullest. It'll come one day eventually.

Any guy who gets you will be one lucky fella.

All the best? I don't think u need it la....haha.