Sunday, May 14, 2006

I didn't know, but I now I do

Rawa Island turned out to be what I've expected and more. Charming little island on which there's only a single stretch of powdery white sandy beach, a jetty, chalets, a restaurant-cum-cafe-cum-lounge-cum-reception area and of course, the sea; it's isolated and yet accessible.
And of course, there's the people there, bikini-clad ang mohs and foreigners, plus Singaporean chinese. Cheap wei for the our Southern neighbours, what's the foreign exchange ady, like what, half price for 'em?so near some more..*envious*

I shall spare you the details, suffice to say, snorkelling and watching the fishes go by is now one of my favourite past times. So mesmerizing that you'll even forget to breathe, that is when renting the equipment is too expensive and you've only your trusty ol' goggles to satisfy your lust. I never knew swimming in the sea can be so addictive. In waters where I can reach the bottom la of course, I'm not That adventurous.

And of course, I put on weight. Whaddaya expect? 3 meals are provided for, by the only restaurant there, on schedule of course. And it's buffet, baby!
Eastern and Western delights, in at least 15 types of dishes for each meal from roti canai to syruppy pancakes, from fried rice to pasta, from chicken to lamb, mangoes, bananas plus loads, loads more.
Oh, did I mention that they had BBQ dinners too? oo..squids and lamb..
Now, what's a girl to do but to stuff herself silly?

We stayed here. Rustic charm, eh? No TV, no phone, no radio. Though, I managed to catch the FA final in the cafe. Sound effects whenever there's a goal : Of joy, and also, of anguish from the other footies gathered there.

I found my HAMMOCK! You have to pull extremely hard to pry me away from it.

But, before you lie down, pray that dear Isaac Newton will not prove his theory of gravity on you. Coconuts are heavier than apples. Much heavier.

The days pass by fast in the land where peacocks roam free

Huge lizards cross your path,

And beautiful views take your breath away,
In the morning,

Or in the evening.

All too soon, it's time to bid goodbye.

Not before I've left my mark, of course!

Adieu, Rawa Island, may generations to come have the good fortune of making your acquaintance!


LW said...

glad to hear that you enjoyed yer vacation...

ian said...

I'm jealous.

The peacock on the beach was awesome...

thefunkygenius said...

haha,sounds like u really enjoyed your vacation.....i like the lizard,it was extremly cute :-) lol

amy-da-great said...

thanks people..!
let us go there one day together k? when we can afford it of course..or when we can swindle some cash from our dear, beloved parents.. =)

kinwai said...

Where's the pic of u? Aiya.. wat la u

amy-da-great said...


yeah, and let practically everyone see?
NoOooo thanks...!

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