Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another book burned

She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb was the exact reason why I don’t usually buy contemporary fiction. But I bought it anyway, swayed by 30% discount in MPH and of course, from a certain high because it was my birthday.
I was in the middle of a few other books when I started on it but finished it anyway.
But I digress.
Now, I don’t usually fancy contemporary fiction because number 1, it’s too real. Real as in the feelings and the emotions are so ‘now’ that it’s basically as raw as you can get; and it’s more often than not, littered with foul words. The ubiquitous F word (fun, fame, and farce, whatever.)

Secondly, it’s because of the Sex.

Why oh why must there be some form of copulating, in explicit detail in between?
If I would have wanted to know how 2 humans copulate, I would just get myself some x-rated magazine or something.

Maybe because sex sells.
Or maybe because it’s so human nature, that you can’t tell a story about somebody without that somebody have sex some time during his/her lifetime?
Sometimes it feels like I’m reading pornography.

But She’s Come Undone isn’t all bad. It succeeds superbly in pulling the reader into the life of its heroine, Dolores through her childhood, rebellious adolescence and finally to her adulthood, where she finally found salvation, love and life.
It’s not that bad actually.
Now, I’m figuring whether I can sell it back to MPH and get back my money.
Gosh, amy, go to the library instead!


ButTeRcUp said...

haha... well, it's a breakthrough for someone isn't it? comment bad bout something! haha... well amy, even ur name also sm.. opps.. sorry.. haha... joking. dun put tht in ur heart. maybe u can try to sell them to 2nd hand book stores? or donate to someone instead? haha... world's like this. ppl will have the tendency to do something tht benefits them! gambade!

kinwai said...

Aiya! susah betul la wanna post a comment! Hahaha

Wat? a book named She's Condom? Hahaha. Eh, try reading the title fast la, and it sounds almost similiar. Hah!

U're welcomed for the present. Gad u like it.

amy-da-great said...

Only you can come up with stuff like that.. Thank you so much, now I won't be able to look at the book without thinking about

LW said...

The book seriously sounds like some erotic stories collection... or mebbe i've been doing a little bit too much 'side' readings.. lmao

Try Neil Gaiman... the last minute book i picked up that day... I've never read a novel so 'relatively' fast and i'm almost done... very interesting actually.. hehe

but couldnt finish it.. all thanks to the mind cracking, patience testing you-know-what this whole month...


p/s : thanks for enabling anonymous comments...

thefunkygenius said...

kinwai:i dunno who are u!but i can tell u r really creative...she's condom oso u can think until...not bad

amy-da-great said...

no problemo..I didn't know I disabled anonymous comments until kin wai told me that day..paiseh!
the book sounds day lar after you're done with it..wanna borrow She's Condoms?
btw, good luck in your exams..I sincerely hope you'll excel in it and be able to live your dreams!