Monday, May 22, 2006


I AM: Essentially me. Oxymoronic - simply complicated.

I JUST NOW: sat my fat butt in front of the idiot's box to watch LOST.

I SAID: "give it to me lar!" when my mom told me my aunt might be winning a new hp and she said she, i.e my aunt, should give it to her, i.e. my mom. See what happens when you have a lot of females in your family?

I WANT: to be grateful with what I have and not feel crappy or envious or whatever for what I don't have or not blessed to receive.

I WISH: I was by the beach, listening to the waves and looking at the stars.

I HATE: feeling so shitty when I shouldn't. I hate it when I sometimes snap at my parents when I know I shouldn't and I hate people who litter when the dustbin is riiight in front of them. No one is picking up your rubbish after you! And I hate it when people belittle my complains and think that my life is all perfect.

I MISS: being carefree and careless. Okay, I Am still careless.

I FEAR: that I might miss the boat or boats - Scholarship, and like Esther, young love. And I Fear that my life would be meaningless and would not leave a mark on humanity. A positive mark.

I HEAR: advertisements on AXN and mommy dearest speaking over the phone - 'container sudah tarik?'.

I WONDER: whether I am actually a hypocrite. Am I?

I REGRET: Nope. can't think of any. There are no regrets, only lessons- Ern reminded me of that.

I AM NOT: That confident actually. I do have self-doubts. 'I'm Only human, of flesh and blood are made.'

I SING: for fun and to irritate people.

I CRY: When I'm alone and watching sappy love stories or even reading sad books. And I sometimes cry when it's just too much.


I MADE: good friends that I'll treasure. I'm talking bout you!

I WRITE: sense when I'm sane and nonsense when I'm insane. Perfectly logical.

I CONFUSE: others by talking in in huge circles and then when I stop talking, I forget what I was talking about. Inilah akibatnya when words come out of my mouth without going through the brain.

I NEED: my family and friends to be happy and healthy.

I SHOULD: be sleeping like a pig.

I START: thinking bout appreciating life and live it more but I find myself occasionally falling into routine or self-pity.

I FINISH: when I think I've finished.

I TAG : kexin, kin wai!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! Aiya too bad la i can't online la. Shifted to new house (in BU that is) ady. No line yet. Now in college using their line. But can't enter my blog la. Babi. Eh? u got fat ass ar? Didn't notice wor. HAHAHA!!

Kinwai said...

Aiya. I can't online la cos i just shifted to my new house (in BU tht is). Can't blog, can't online, can't irritate u. Hah! Now in college using their FREE but SLOW line. But somehow can't enter my blog la. Babi. Eh? U got a fat ass one ar? i dunno wan. HAHAHA!!

amy-da-great said...

to-anon / kin wai

you never knew I had a fat ass?
okay, on second thought, I DON'T want you to notice it...