Thursday, May 11, 2006


I'm off to Rawa Island, yes, even I have never heard of it, off the coast of Johor.
Organized by my mom's company, they paid for my dad and her but she paid to drag my brother and me along.
My father wasn't too excited about it, his perfect holiday is to stay at home.
But my mom paid for us,her offsprings, which basically screams at my father:
You're coming along whether you like it or not!
So, whether he likes it or not, we'll be going. Leaving tonight and will be back on Sunday.
The idea of sun, sand and sea always sound good to me.
Backed with supplies of reggae songs,
It'll either be paradise or it'll crash and burn.
Let's see where the pendulum swings shall we? I will try to go with a positive view anyway.
So here goes,
Yay ! I'll be going to the beach !
Til then, muaks.

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