Saturday, May 27, 2006

And it hit me like falling rocks.

Have you ever spared a thought on the way you've been treating the people who wait on you? In restaurants, pubs, cafeterias, etc.
I have. And I feel guilty. Guilty as a crook.
I find myself sometimes,unwittingly, taking them for granted, and not according them the respect that they deserve, as if I'm on a higher pedestal and that is disgustingly wrong.
They deserved more than snapped fingers and rude name-calling.
If any, an 'Excuse me', coupled with a friendly disposition would be so much better than a scowl and an 'Eh!' because no one, absolutely no one would like to be made feeling small, considering we are ALL equals.
I'm sorry and I'll try to change my errs.

For, of course, Do unto others what you would others do unto you.


buttercup said...

Dear Amy(educated n calm),

hmmm, maybe u r a bit errr.. thinking too much? of coz, some ppl (like me) tht are always on time, dun like to wait, BUT, there's always something in our mind: They might have something that drag them tht they're forced to be late. but of coz, not till half an hour or one hr or more!

well, wat i can suggest to you is like,

1st, make an appointment like a traffic jam. i'm sure u experienced tht b4... y traffic jam? u can try to put yourself in "their" shoes. they just kept waiting. things tht they wanna do stranded at home or work place because of the traffic jams(waitings). like u say, never leave home too late and never expect tht the traffic is better. "their" mood, if it is an outing, might be spoilt just by the waiting.

2ndly, which is wat i always do. I always planned to arrive at my destination at least 5 mins b4 the appointment time. in such, i got extra 5 to ten mins to do adjustment if i nd to(which is like finding car parks and so on).

3rdly, if u doesn't wish to be late, but really caught up with something or traffic jam, do called up the person or at least, SMS the person. this will show ur responsibility to others and u do care about ur job and customer(as in the corporat world). some of u might say, y such trouble? fren fren gathering onli ma, y so ma huan? well, to be honest, i believe u all know tht too, it'll eventually become a habit and a habit is hard to be removed/changed.

Well ppl, this is not directed to one person onli. it's open to everyone, no matter u r the one who's always punctual or late. for those who's always late, this is a good opportunity for u to change. change to a better person. be responsible to ur surroundings. for those who's always early, u should know that, it's not all their fault that this become their habit. We should blame this on the culture. the malaysian's culture. have u ever seen a VIP arrive early( i think early is too much for the VIPs) or ON TIME? oh, i'm 20 now and i think i never seen even once. why? they have those traffic police escort them and still late? what the hell? Isn't it? but of cos, for those who're always late, never take this as an excuse for u. tht is not rite.

to sum everything up, everyone is unique. for those who are successful, are those who are responsive to change and not to stay. if u want to guarantee a job (or before that) a recommendation letter(which most of u never thought of) from ur faculty's dean, or wat so ever, we all should change.

again, I did not address this to one particular person. all should read it and i hope tht u all gain something from it and i'm REALLY SORRY to EVERYONE tht i always voice out my opinion this way and regardless ur feelings. I'M SERIOUSLY SORRY AND please forgive my foolishness.

Esther said...

OMG. kenny, your comment is even longer than her post!!! pls, control yourself!

amy-da-great said...


firstly, thank you for such a long and inspiring comment ! like what esther said, good enough for a post in itself, lol.

secondly, it is true what you've said, and who knows better about time than Mr. Punctuality himself (which I meant in a good way =) ). Maybe I would post something on being punctual, in time, but this particular post is actually about waiters and waitresses i.e., the people who wait on you or serve you.
I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding though, but your comment is truly indebted !
Gracias !

buttercup said...

oh.. i misunderstood the whole thingy? oh my.. tht's terrible... pai seh.. haha... ok ok... so sorry for tht...
yeah, even me might be late someday... cheers ppl...