Thursday, May 25, 2006

Soul Patrol !

American Idol repeat is in the background (11.30 pm);
And Taylor's sweet voice filled the air.
And of course, Katherine's.
But I've always been biased towards Taylor. The Cute White-haired Underdog. Well, Elliot actually had the other half of my affections but when he was voted out, it's Taylor, Taylor, Taylor! Kat had the voice but I don't know...I just prefer him. should catch the results show. The number of guest artists just blew me away. Legendary ones; Mary J.Blige, Dionne Warwick, Prince (*gasp) etc. Surprise after surprise, brilliant! Didn't catch the first half of the live telecast at 8 am 'tho. Slumber won the war this morning and I'm never one who'd forsake slumber's calling.
But I caught the results anyway. Kan cheong man!

Love music, love soul!


kinwai said...

i'm sure i'll get blind soon if i were to read your blog everyday. The black background really kills my eyes. Babi......
He reminded me of Jay Leno somehow. HAHA!

amy-da-great said...

to-kin wai
old liao lor !
I don't hear complains from other people!
Hmm, now you've mentioned it..he does look like's the hair!