Sunday, May 07, 2006

pink pig mama

See my name? Of course you can.

I had tea this evening with the king, queen, sultan and other royalty-looking people whom I don't know.
The problem was, I doubt they even know they had tea with me.
Oh well.
I was unexpectedly chosen as one of the lucky 4 from the school to go, the others being the principal, zhi yuan and nuramalina (I think that's how you spell it). So basically I'm going by meself, which I didn't mind. I'm there for the food, picture-taking and people-watching.
Now, me being me, I didn't pick out an outfit until the very last minute. Thank goodness the night before my mom managed to borrow a baju kurung for me to wear.
A pink baju kurung.
A Bright, LOA baju kurung.

SO, I was on the dot, 4 pm, as stated on the invitation card and the event started only at around 4.45. I should have known, we're Malaysians anyway.

Walked in, snapped pictures, drew curious stares, and then, lo and behold I found a familiar face! Actually, I found a few familiar faces; ex-tuition mates, ex-primary school mate, ex-secondary school mate, ex-student etc. No ex-boyfriend though.

And so we sat. And took pictures. And sat some more.

And grew restless, so we decided to be paparazzis for a day. Sneaked to the front, and waited for the elusive king to arrive.

All the king's soldiers..

There he is!

The national and state anthems were played by a band. Surprisingly, No one was singing. They must have forgotten the words. After which there were some performances.

Let the feast begin. Notice the free ice-cream. Long queue for it ! And most of them men.

Took a stroll through the palace.

After the speeches and all, it's time for them to leave. We were fortunate enough to be at the right place and the right time thus we managed to get real close-up shots of them.

Waiting patiently.

A moment with the rakyat.

The gorgeous Queen.

The Sultan.

Ta ta!

And the rakyat goes back to their humble homes, to their humble lives, tummies full, believing that they were in the very least, at least once, blessed in the presence of royalty.

Posh limosines rolled out, police sirens blared into the distance and the rakyat, got stuck in a traffic jam.


ButTeRcUp said...

wow!!! sim mei.. tht's abit too much isn't it? hahahah.. i really respect u la!!! when onli in my life time i'll get a change like tht? u really very very good!!! make sure u frame the cert up ya.. put it inside a safe or the bank safe. hahahaha


amy-da-great said...

it's nothing big, honest!
But i'm grateful nonetheless..and hor, it's not a's an invitation card..looks like a cert meh?
by the way, i'm actually very evil. lol.

ian said...


get to have tea with the sultan. why didn't you scream "BOMB!" when he was near you. Can you imagine the ruckus? haha!~ priceless.


amy-da-great said...

shucks man..
should have done that..!
bangs my head against the wall

kxin said...

lol.. my brother performed the chinese drums thingy as a welcoming for the Agung, while the 'rakyat' in your pictures are actually SGM members!! LOL!! I know them!! I was supposed to be one of them but i didn't go coz i was busy with assignments! :) congrats on the big honour!!

amy-da-great said...

kexin you should have gone! Then i would have another member to makan and comment about other ppl with
thanks anyways..and the drums were cool!