Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What I've been up to these days

What I've been doing :
1. Started teaching padawan.
2. Went for an interview for the kinder teacher job but the headmistress wasn't there so talked to her hubby instead. It was my old kindy, 'tadika orkid' but they changed it to Eduwis instead, much bigger, brighter and more expensive. The headmistress's husband recognized me and said that I still looked the same as I did when I was a wee toddler. Flattering that they still remember me after all these years. Don't know yet whether I'll get the job though, supposed to call up earlier but I didn't due to stuffs been going on and me losing my voice. But no excuse! my bad!
3. Am on the Young and Dangerous DVD marathon viewing session. Right now, I'm at Part 5 1/2

4. Stuffing myself silly with food. Practically ransacking the kitchen for food every other minute! Don't be surprised to see me all chubby walking down the street soon.
5. Reading 'A Thousand Acres' by Jane Smiley. A lil' draggy at times but doing my utmost to finish it. I still have a stack of books waiting for moi.
6. Cheering Chelsea on at midnight to their 2 nil win over Arsenal. Woke my bro and dad up with me shouting when they scored their first goal. Paiseh betul.
7. Sleeping a lot.
8. Watching everything and anything on the telly.

What I should be doing instead :
1. Practice my dust-covered violin. And start classes again.
2. Find out more about the courses of study to choose from and ultimately decide what I'm gonna do with my life.
3. Stop stuffing myself silly.
4. Do something useful like maybe a computer course? or a Mandarin course. I seriously need it. If you don't already know , I am, admittedly, a banana.

What I want to do :
1. Makan with friends.
2. Makan with family.
3. Lepak! Yo people, Let's go out! Even my dad asked me today. " Not having drinks with your friends meh? Call your friends all go out lar!"
4. Go shopping for more books and for clothes and for stuffs I don't really need.
5. Watch King Kong and Narnia.
6. Read the Narnia series.
7. Go buy 'The catcher in the rye' and read it.
8. Find a superb library that is nearby but I know there's none. Books are so costly nowadays.
9. Go on a holiday. Wait, I Am on holiday.

What I must do :
1. Appreciate life, it's too short.

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