Tuesday, December 13, 2005

man..i feel so one kind sometimes.
I feel like i have well, i guess many, though not That many, friends and acquaintances but few best friends.
But to have a best friend is to undermine the friendship of other close friends don't you think? It makes other friendships sound inferior somewhat. Thus I always try to avoid answering who's-your-best-friend questions.
But I sometimes envy those who have best friends that are so close-knitted that they practically cannot be without the other.
How ironic.
Maybe it's me. Trust issues? Or a case of too many friends for comfort?
Or maybe I'm not that good in this bonding stuff?
ooo..i know i know..
I complain too much.
man, be thankful with what you have amoi chuah!


kxin said...

I really agree coz telling people that a person is your best friend, it's like a burden or something!!! Then you'll feel obliged to be very close to the person, that you know practically everything that happens to that person and always be there for them... Sigh.. So guess what I do? I label them TRUE FRIENDS!! lol

amy-da-great said...

yalor.. I like that : True friends..friends that are true, if it's not true then there'll be no friendship in the first place!