Saturday, December 10, 2005

a nite out with da family...oo.mafia-like

I swear this is true. I have never felt this excited upon the arrival of food before. It could be the cold environment, my rumbling tummy, the friendly owner or even the "ammo kanna" drink made of "ammo-kannas" all the way from Penang; But when the first dish came OMG it was like heaven ! The concoction of sour gravy with mushrooms, numerous herbs poured onto steamed fish, garnished with green leaves and lettuce on a pot upon charcoal fire; I could have died of anticipation. And the best part is, the taste didn't disappoint either. And neither did the rest of the dishes.
So people, go try out Khunthai, Subang.
This is what i noticed during dinner. You can never take the pride of being a Penangite out of a well, Penangite. It doesn't matter that one is born in Taiping, Butterworth or what-not, as long as you're from the ol' north and speak the Penang Hokkien slang, you are forever together and one.
And it's always like meeting a long lost sister or brother when you happen to meet someone who talks in that aforementioned slang here in Klang, KL or other places that are not in the Utara; no matter that you've never seen him or her before in your whole life. They stick together, and are especially nice to each other. They have a common bond, a common ground, a common tongue. And to them, the best stuff with regards to food can only be found in, you guess it! Penang.
Just like me pa and the owner.
But that's not necessarily a bad thing.
At least the owner can count on recruiting extra loyal customers, as in the 4 of us.

The journey home was pleasant as the radio was playing real old oldies. I've always cherished these times, where my family and I would be so close to each other in the car ( not necessarily engaging in a conversation) with sweet oldies in the background. The only thing missing was the rain.
BUT, knowing us, we eventually turned to guessing the names of those old singers...
"Aiya this one,who sing one ar? "
My brother with full confidence " Frank Sinatra!"
Me : "It's Nat King Cole la. "
"Ya ya! Nat King Cole!"

"This one sounds like Doris Day hoh"
"Nolar, Dorothy Daindridge?" courtesy of the movie on her life that i'd watched earlier.
Turns out that neither of us was right. The name wasn't a DD.

and so on.

How come there's no jazz bar around here one? Give me money I'll go open one. Any takers?

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