Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What a dream!

I had the weirdest dream.

May Lynn, her sis and dad came over to my house to collect something and they left in a new light brown Proton Iswara that was parked inside my house! I mean, literally from the Inside, her dad drove from one of the rooms. And oh, her bf was Peter Crouch (a Liverpool player) I mean..what the?
When I opened the door, there was this HUGE crowd of people wanting to come in through the grill to get to a neighbour's house, for some reason they can only get to my neighbour's through My grilled door. And all of them dressed to kill, with frills and super large umbrella frocks and cheongsams. Then, they realised my neighbour's not at home.

I was back at my grandma's house taking my bath at the old bathroom. My aunt sold the house recently.Hmmm..

My dad and I flew back from who-knows-where and the plane landed right in the middle of Sunway Lagoon-cum-Genting, so we got in for free without the wrist band. The place was like Lagoon with its slides(I discreetly remember Michael.J.Fox on one of the slides), Viking Ship and other attractions. The weird thing is that I can see the Genting hotel with it's Logo from the distance when I looked up. My dad and I found ourselves on this obstacle course in the middle of a pond where you have to walk through tyres, broken planks and colourful floats. There was this guy, a helper or something that stayed close to us and I remember calling out to him for help to get through one of its courses. He snapped at me, saying something like "You can do it if you try!" And I did, I tried and I crossed it. When I looked up to my dad, he became Steve Martin, the guy in 'Father of the Bride' and 'Cheaper by the Dozen' .
By the time we reached the end of the course, tired and soaking wet, lo and behold, a hybrid of Sarah Michelle Geller and Jennifer Love Hewitt was there with some guy blocking our way.
They said "Sing, and we'll let you through"
And so we did. Sing.
Guess what song we sang?
"I Like to Move it, move it " from Madagascar... LMAO !
We managed to get through and my dad said that we should be heading back. I wanted to go on more rides but followed him meekly. As we were walking, looking for a way out, I saw a business occupying two shoplots that was locked in grills. They were selling pirated DVDs and a whole lots of pirated stuffs. The thing is, eventhough it was locked, there were still people browsing inside. Outside, in the walkway, people from all walks of life were jostling each other and talking loudly, asking for bargains and not getting them. We continued on looking for a back alley way out when.......

My house phone rang and I had to get up to answer it.
It was AIMST asking me if I was interested in signing up for their Pharmacy course based on my Trial Results. RM 2100 for 4 months and if your Real results aren't satisfactory, you can't continue.
I told her I'll get back to her.
I'm wide awake now and blogging this.

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