Saturday, December 10, 2005's the morning after and there weren't any alcohol! Jeez..but had fun nonetheless..woke up at 8 something..imagine that! I only went to bed at, what, 3 am? I'm mad i know..but i felt so bad for ffk'ing someone this morn..haih..*

Anyways, back to prom, I went there kind of late, so sorry to the guys who had to wait for me for tickets to enter..paiseh hoh..:Þ I just couldn't bring myself to step out of my house..My God, I'm so not used to being like this. My dream prom : t-shirt and jeans, remember?
I must confess! I went home after doing hair and make up and I so couldn't tahan that I wiped off some of it off my face coz I thought it was too thick though everyone else said otherwise. It took That much effort to restrain from wiping the whole thing off but the thought of my mom's friend taking the effort to do it made me feel a tad guilty. Oh well, at least almost everyone else was in make-up too.
Ooo..everyone dressed to kill and probably some even Got killed. Saw a bunch of people there and it's great to meet them after erm, 2 weeks of not seeing each other after The End Of School?
And oh, btw, all of you looked gorgeous yesterday.
I never knew there could be so many pictures to take in one night and yet when I got home i realized that I didn't take enough. Hmm..a case of In-Love-With-Oneself syndrome? The food could be better; fortunately, my dad bought me food to eat before I left. He knows!

*turns out that I didn't ffk...just came back, and back to business!

Okay, so the food leaves much to be desired but the event, though not without its flaws, went pretty well I should say. The crowd was not appreciative at first but I guess everyone was just waiting for the chance to boogey the night away. At least I did, no matter how dorkily I did it. NoT a word people!

Thank goodness I didn't fall flat on my face
Thank goodness there weren't any bright lights during the open floor session
Thank goodness there weren't too many embarassing moments.
Thank goodness for friends! Muaks!
And most of all, thank goodness for understanding parents who waited patiently downstairs for moi and letting me decide when my conscience would get a hold of me and scream “For Heavens sake! Your parents are already here, you wanna stay here forever izzit?!”

All in all, not bad, not bad at all.

some pics :


Esther said...

so few pics only!

amy-da-great said...

dowan so many la..after sick of my face..even I myself am sick of my