Saturday, December 24, 2005

'Tis the season to be jolly..falalalalaaa..lalalalaa

I couldn't sleep last night. I have a feeling it was because I was laughing too much with Maggie, Esther and Ee Von earlier that night during makan and mamak session for an early Christmas celebration. Thanks EV for the cute prezzie! Man..I didn't laugh this much for quite some time...! Gotta do this again soon.
I woke up at 4 something in the morning and tossed and turned my behind off. I heard you'll sleep better if you sleep on your left (something to do with your energy flowing without seems that sleeping on your stomach is totally unadvisable). Well, I can tell you this, I tried that last night but I was pretty much uncomfortable no matter what position I tried to sleep in. I finally gave up and switched on the lights. Doodled in my diary a bit and sat cross-legged on my bed, doing nothing. My dad woke up( he wakes up a few times throughout each night out of habit to check on my bro and I) and I think I must have scared him a little. Imagine lar finding someone in the wee hours of the morning sitting on the bed, without a sound, doing nothing. I could sense a worried tone in his voice when he asked,
"why? what's the matter?"
"oh, nothing. Couldn't sleep"
he switched the lights off and said sleep will come. Go to sleep.
And it did come. Til 11 a.m.

It's Christmas eve!
Urgh. I ate too much, again.
Sometimes I think I should tape my mouth the moment I feel full, if not I'll just continue poke at more food with my fork even when everyone else's finished.
I just had the most delicious Christmas eve dinner with my mom's side of the family.. (Another round of Christmas day dinner at my dad's side tomorrow..cue: more food)
My mom, cuz, aunt and I went over early in the afternoon to help out while the guys of the family arrived later in the evening with the turkey. Supposingly there to help but my cousin, Ivy and I had a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. dvd marathon session instead. Season 10 baby! Such good children, both of us are. Hey, my aunt encouraged us! We watched 8 episodes back to back. Without commercials. Want spoilers? Come see me. haha..
Anyways, we had :
1. Turkey,with stuffings of course. (from Victoria Station...superb)
2. Petater salad (that's PO-TA-TO, to us... family favourite, aunt's signature dish)
3. what's-its-name..Chowder i think.. ( The bread with it's middle part dug out , replaced with soup instead)
4. Pasta
5. Gingerbread men!
6. Jelly
7. Kuihs
8. Red and white wine
9. Ice-cream

I was so ravished that I ate faster than my brother. I was already in my seconds when he was finishing his first. Scared the hell out of him. I even stuffed down the whole chowder thingy..the base of the bread is bigger than the 2 palms of my hand, combined..a little mountain by itself. Scared the hell out of myself.
I only manage to have a few sips of the sweetest white wine I've ever tasted coz the bottle is so blardy thin..costs 60 something, i heard. And a quarter glass of red? Was a really good girl today. Ya lar, with my dad in the same room.
For dessert, there was a box of vanilla ice-cream with rootbeer. Surprisingly morphed into a 'weight-conscious girl' and declined my brother's offer to get me a bowl. In actual fact I already them before dinner. No one needs to know, right?
I suggested to him that he should put fererro rochers into his bowl of creamy froth that is the ice-cream float and at that moment, that instant, when I caught a flicker in his eyes, he and I both know that I had just made the most brilliant suggestion. Worthy of Einstein.
And then,
prezzie time!! This is the ABSOLUTE first time that both of us(my bro and I) get this many presents for Christmas. (My nuclear family don't really practice the tradition of exchanging gifts)
I got a decorative candle holder, chocolates, a necklace, a pair of earrings and Dove shampoo, plus conditioner which is just as well coz I was running out of shampoo !
After TV and more pokings of food later, we headed home.
Dropped an old and dear friend of my family's home first in Port Klang. It's sad that it has become more of a ghost town now..unlike the town I grew up in, where I had SOOOO many good memories of; of sweet, cool, crisp morning air, the hustle and bustle at night, the walks to restaurants, late night suppers and gossips abound.
This so-and-so auntie staying at the opposite row, 2 doors away from Unc so-and-so, beside the family selling kuihs at the morning market with Mercedez car wan la.. has a son coming back from god-knows-where and getting married to big liao lo..last time so small small !
You can run but you can't hide.
Shall post something bout it. If I have the mood.

For now,

Merry Christmas everyone !
May all be blessed with buckets of joy and serenity...

Signing off.

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