Wednesday, December 21, 2005

it's the time of the year..

It's the time of the year to roll balls!
Not that type of balls.
I meant the 'tong yuen' balls.
It's been a tradition for me to help my mom to roll them. This year, we rolled it early in the evening with the flour bought from the market. Pink and white flour.
My mom rolled them damn fast while I tried to be Miss Perfectionist and rolled them as round as possible. I read that the rounder you make them, the more prosperous you become, or something like that. But it was a disaster..the closest I could get to a spherical shape is a diamond shape.
Oh well, it goes into the stomach eventually anyways.
Can't wait to taste them tomorrow!

Just came back from JJ. SO many people, all doing last minute christmas shopping I guess. Found a book, Chocolat by Joanne Harris for only RM7.90 at Popular..with 10% discount some more, which comes to about RM7.11 ! SO blardy cheap!
My dad bought another book, Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan for me too. RM55 at MPH. The cashier had already key it in I think when I suggested going over to Popular's to check whether they have the said book 10% discount ma! Paiseh !
So we went over a few lots away to Popular and there it was.
The same book
The same price : RM55
But only pay RM 49.50
I mean, how worth it is that!
Get to save RM5.50 man!

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