Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ode to the Education Fair

Oh! the Edu Fair in PWTC
Was Somewhat educational,
Learnt about Batik you see,
At the floor above, a convention, international;
Was held there, cum exhibition,
Of all things Batik, paintings and clothings,
Amazing, Superb, and so in-fashion,
Batik in toilets and in all its fittings!
Went downstairs, jostled with people,
Of all backgrounds and minds,
With intentions of one : a higher education
In courses of all kinds;
Enthusiastic parents and youths alike,
Smartly-dressed lecturers, faces alight,
With smiles and "ask me!"s
Written on their faces, for all to see.
Choose wisely, oh dearest one,
Choose well, make no haste;
Your future's yours and yours to mould,
To stream with colours into a paste;
That should scream 'You'!
For you are what you do;
Neither perceptions nor pressure
Should induce a life of what's expected
But not wanted;
Feel your heart, listen to your soul,
Take a chance on your rice bowl,
But think as well, use your head,
It's there for you, it's not yet dead;

For Reassurance, this, that i'm still sane,
Not crazy, or lazy or plain insane;
For I have no idea, as to what to do,
Whatever i choose, i hope it's real, i hope it's true
To the spirit of me, the essence of living,
To feel happiness in giving,
Back to the world,to society, to all
What I'm blessed to receive
No matter how small,
While walking life's miles
So that I may live
and leave
with a smile.


1 comment:

Kyle said...

Scary for everyone to see,
the inspiration in the bored you that came,
to actually write wat you see,
in an education fair so blardy dull and lame...

lol just a short reply..