Thursday, December 15, 2005

*croak* no voice

Ah..the sound of silence.
Inilah akibatnya going for karaoke yesterday when I know fully well that my throat's not, well, well. But it's worth losing voice over a day of lepak with friends. Total lepak. Met up at Bkt Tinggi's Sri Melur's for breakfast before driving ( Ok, I didn't drive, I tumpang'ed) to Red Box, a session of archery, tea at Aunt Anne's and Cinnabon, dinner at a delicious vegetarian restaurant in Bayu then Sri Melur's again for mamak and gossip session. From Melur to Melur..full circle!
Found out about something yesterday which I won't lose sleep over, See how it goes lar, probably nuthin'. And thanks Kin Wai for adding salt. :Þ
Going out later to KLCC with Esther. Forgive me if I'm a tad bit quiet today..haha..We'll have to make do with sign language!
Makan time!

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