Tuesday, January 24, 2006

what would you do?

Let's sum up my day in a series of questions :
What would you do if :

a) your dad had a talk with you in the morning saying that they(as in your parents) respect your decision to quit but if you have nothing important in february, to go ahead and suffer til you have something important then only resign immediately?

b) there's a boy you're supposed to teach and give work to, throws his book at you and decides to run a round and bully other children by hitting them and punching them?

c) this aforementioned boy decides to grab at other younger children's things, absolutely refusing to give it back while the owner cries and screams on top of his lungs, lunging at the boy, thus having two shouting kids chasing each other around tables with sharp corners?

d) the boy and a girl (who is as mischievous) decides to fight each other by pushing the tables and chairs to the ground?

e) the standard one children that you're teaching runs around with rulers and scissors causing one of them to kena scratched on the shoulders?

f) one standard one child who doesn't know how to wash up after doing business?

g) you totally understand that they don't want to do any work since they are like, what? barely reaching 10 and primary kids are supposed to enjoy life and have fun?( The standard 3s have like 10 over books of homework to complete each day!) but you have to, because you're paid to give work and to teach? You are judged by their completed work.

h) after all that, you know that there are people worse off than you and you feel bad for feeling shitty like you're feeling and knowing that you'll face the same thing or even worse the next day, and the next? And the next?

i) you feel absolutely like a phoney because padawan's parents tells you that you are a good girl for thinking of earning money when you could just enjoy and not do anything?


On a lighter note, most of you might have realised that I could be *ahem a little bit cocky at times and I sincerely apologize if this trait of mine might just have irritated you somewhat at any times, but maybe you wonder where I inherited this from. Well, it's genetic, courtesy of my beloved ( I really do love him!) dad.
The conversation this evening went something like this :

My gums were aching since yesterday, I guess my wisdom tooth is growing so my dad went to buy some medicine..
Dad : "Nah, drink this medicine, to cool down your body so that your gums won't ache." while handing me a cup of the blackest drink.

Me : "Why so black one?" but drank it anyway.

Dad : " I bought this too..the man say very good for toothache and sore throat" some kind of powdery watermelon essence in a bottle kept in a dubious box.

Mom : "What medicine is that? Chinese medicine don't simply give la!"

Dad : "NOOoo! It's an English medicine.........only thing the instructions and labels are in Chinese."
I almost spit out my drink.
My dad and I looked at each other and laughed.

Mom : ".......!!"



Li Wei said...

I will..

a) satisfy them when you have to carry your head home someday...

b) u throw your book and him and join him hitting other kids and make him so freaked out that he actually sat down and start doing his work...

c) let them run round and round until they grow out of breath and falls down in shock only when you perform a shock treatment and at there will they be quiet and kuai kuai doing their own stuffs..

d) urh... well maybe they want to perform some rituals before they do some hot humping actions on the table? you'll never know...

e) start using rubber rulers and scissors..

f) erm... bleach him la...

g) you do the work for them???

h) live the present to the fullest.. who cares abbout the future.. you might not reach there anyway...

i) aah... padawan's crush on you is sooo pure and innocent, aye?


amy-da-great said...

Man. You're a riot!
Thanks for making me laugh and for the suggestions..when you wanna come over and demonstrate them to me?
p/s : - they're too young to hump
- No such thing as rubber scissors la..and rulers too
- Padawan so does not have a crush on moi la!