Wednesday, January 18, 2006

An O.K Day

Morning was quite chaotic, a boy showed temper and refused to co-operate. I let him sit at a corner by himself until he cooled down, after which I took an opportunity to talk to him nicely, asking him why he was behaving the way he was, bullying the younger kids and taking their stuffs just for to make them scream and squeal.
Afterwards, managed to coax him into doing some reading but he was back to his old ways before long.
Verdict : Work not done but managed to have a decent conversation without him shouting in my ear.

Computer lessons went O.K, they were quite excited to see a virtual cat on the screen. Some still couldn't get the hang of using the mouse though.

Afternoon class was a bit taxing but considerably better than other days. Finally got the standard ones, though not all; to complete writing their ABC's up to D.
For one page of work, had to endure them running around,chasing each other with sharp rulers, hiding under tables and covering themselves with stacked up steel chairs of which one of them climbed up to sit, giving me the shock of my life. As usual, about 2 of them cried after hitting each other, some hid themselves in the toilet refusing to come out.
2 boys grabbed hold of my leg refusing to let go and I perfected the art of listening to 3 children all at once, scrambling for attention.
All that in half an hour.
And the class weren't even full today.

Standard 3's were okay..still had to repeatedly called them to take their bath. Looks like the trend of 'pen war' is still alive and well; only thing now they use pencil lead cases. At least they played after they finished their homework. Or at least the Said they had.

What will tomorrow bring?
Can't wait.


Kyle said...

wait wait wait.. they take their bath in taska??

lmao... if they start grabbing ur legs and wont let go... FART!!!

havent tried it tho.. u should give it a good shot and let us know if it works...

louishuron4947 said...

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amy-da-great said...

amy-to-kyle :
Yeap! They take their baths there...everyone should try to get kids to take their baths..they absolutely refuse to! Can literally tear your hair off..LOL
How to fart on cue la..retain the gas and release only when they start grabbing? haha..

amy-to-louishuron :
Thanks for dropping by.. sure..I'd definitely pay a visit to yours!
Nice to meet ya btw.. :-)

Kyle said...

Lmao... u juz keep the gas until u need to use them... then release full strength.. then they pengsan liao can throw them into the tub la.. see? kill two birds with one stone.. hehe

amy-da-great said...

that is SUCH a good idea man...thanks! If it works you'll be the first to know!! LOL