Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What should i do leh?

Okay, the plan was this : to suck it all in and stick with it til the end of this month and then cabut.
Talked to the principal this morning and she wants me to stay on.
"But I'll be gone for a whole week in Feb! It won't be fair to you and the other teachers.."
"It's over the weekend; Nevermind, you can take off"
"I won't be here for the training too (of which 2 days pay would be cut if you don't attend)"
"...I was thinking of postponing to some other day"
"I'll be busy with the University applications too"
"You prob won't need the whole day for that right?"

and the conversation continued.
By the end of it I was feeling so guilty for leaving them hanging and so wanting to leave a good name that I find myself saying,
"I'll discuss with my parents and let you know as soon as possible.."

My parents, who have been on the receiving end of my relentless complaining, as usual, said that I should stay on..upon the fact that I should learn to take a little hardship..the world out there could be worse, it seems.
And the fact that I could learn and gain loads from this experience.
So.what should I do then?
I think I'll just sleep on it.

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