Monday, January 30, 2006

greetings from up north!


It's the second day of CNY and here I am all puffed up. My jeans are so tight that I wonder why didn't I get them at a larger size.
Just had Swatow Lane's famous ice-cream ice kacang and muar chee. This afternoon had a nyonya lunch of rice and about 8-9 dishes of super-delicious food prepared by my aunt who opened a restaurant back in Damansara. Kena bombed again for ironically not visiting them when my family and I stay so nearby in Klang the whole of last year but only manage to go visit them in Penang. This morning leh, had half boiled eggs with buttered toast, chee cheong fun with 'he ko' and porridge.
Now, if I don't put on weight, I ain't normal.
Talking bout that, allow me this tiny opportunity to whine k? One of my aunt said I put on weight liao!
Oh, never mind.
Eat first, talk later; eh?
Probably will be going to Batu Ferringhi later. I miss the beach!

til then!

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