Friday, January 20, 2006


It's official.
I'm the "good" teacher, the "friendly" one, the "nice" one, the one who'll threaten but not punish, the one whose head they can climb all over.
My body has their footprints.
They saw my blue pencil lead and want 'em; got nicked into buying some just now.
Complain that their bags are too heavy for them to carry up the stairs, yours truly will drag them up instead.
I have to resort to using other teachers' names to get them to listen.

I seriously need to be more evil.

How was today you ask? (or might not ask but no matter)
2 kids cried this morning thanks to the bullying ways of another.
Another 2 this afternoon after some fight.
One boy ran around the class half naked causing the girls to scream on top of their lungs.
Did you know?
The private human anatomies have initials now.
KKB and NNP.
How ingenious.
By the way, another new teacher went MIA after erm..3 days?
I suddenly feel so proud. NOT.

Another day tomorrow.
Help. Please?

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