Sunday, January 22, 2006

Amy's Day Out

It's Sunday! No work and thus a day to go out!
Sunday's never a day of rest in my house.

We, as in my mom, 2 aunts and I, went to Ikea's to buy some stuffs..Saw many 'ang mohs' but most also with spouses. *Sigh.. Then, skipped over to The Curve for lunch at The Marche.
It was my first time there after hearing so much about it and it wasn't exactly what I expected but the food's good all the same. Quite reasonable too if you're selective over what you eat la of course...
Nice ambience and great concept.
After that went over to Ikano's to jalan-jalan for a while and to buy Strudels then back to Ikea's for their 1 buck ice-cream (yummy) and currypuffs.
Seeing that it was kind of early ( about 2 pm) , we diverted to Sunway Pyramid. My aunt was just supposed to drop my mom and me to go collect her ordered slippers but decided to what-the-heck parked the car instead. So down all of us went to go collect AND buy more stuffs.
It was kinda packed and everyone was at least carrying 1 or 2 big shopping bags...Chinese ppl really shop til they drop when New Year's around... Generous in that sense.
Went back to Aunt's for cakes for afters..
Fat ady lo!
Came home, rested for a while and then went to Klang Parade.
My dad wanted to go see some oldies performance as stated in the schedule but got Daniel Lee instead.
Yep, THAT Daniel Lee, the Malaysian Idol fella.
Bulu roma meremang hearing the girls in pink screaming their lungs out. And it's true, his fans transcends the ages...From really young toddlers to made-up older ladies.
My mom's comment : He's really fair.
My Dad's : Not bad la..
Mine : ... Better than I thought. He's better than an amateur la, that's a fact. He looks exactly like the poster. Like, ah Duh!

SO, I went to a total of 5 shoping complexes in a day.
Let's do that again !

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