Friday, December 28, 2007


Dear blog,

It has been a fruitful holiday and with a renewed spirit, I return to ye ol' UM tomorrow. Naturally, the pants have gotten tighter and the arms flabbier, but the smiles have gotten wider as well so everything's good.
Loads of snapshots in the bag and space taken up by memories that never will fade.
Enough hilarious moments to keep one chuckling and tender heartfelt moments to make life more delectable, somewhat.
Though I've still far to go in terms of total understanding of this living business.

I've had enough kisses to keep me happy
and hugs to keep me warm.

thoughts to keep me thinking and
love to go around.

Till I see you again, which is soon, I hope!
Here's to the sun, the rain and the mud.
And that we'll all be able to enjoy a coconut, every now and then.


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