Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hooooliday Take II

It's always fun to play host.; showing people around Klang, its highlights and ugly sights.

The bonus would be to be able to share a bit of your life with the people you care about (in this case it was Rita and Feli) - inviting them to partake in this life of yours!

I brought them to some therapeutic singing of course-sang across genres as Siti Nurhaliza would testify. Heh.

Introduced 'em to the hidden treasure of Bukit Cahaya.

Darn. Went there so many times the Bicycle Man recognized me already!

Me mom came along too..Whoa..did she have stamina!

Random snapshots

Hear the cengkerik chirping?


All aboard!

Ahoy! I see land, cap'ain!

One for the photo album!

So glad to have you guys to keep me sane in college!



LW said...

bukit cahaya, gua faham.. but mummy also tag along!??!

amy-da-great said...

haha..yeah..she wanted to tag along so I very well couldn't say no right?
remember all those uphills? wah..never underestimate her