Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Yoooooo! Yoooooo!

Okay, some of you would probably know that I attended a leadership camp in UM not too long ago.
I wanted to blog about it, but was too caught up with so much stuff that being the procrastinator that I am, I felt that having a small piece of that experience in my written diary is enough and that anything else on cyberspace is just extra...stuff.
Read : lazy pig.

Organized under the AIESEC banner, I hardly know what AIESEC is nor know anyone there except my roomie, who's quite involved in it. I joined at the very last minute and even signed up after the closing date.
Suffice to say, I didn't regret it. I learnt like a LOT.
So much that it was almost too much.
It wasn't just the technical stuff. It forced me to be brutally honest with myself and find parts in me that I haven't really grasp nor truly understood.
It opened up my eyes to nature of human beings and made me appreciate the diversity of man.
But most of all, It made me gorge on humble pie.

Anyway, that's not the main point of this entry.

I should explain first though that in AIESEC, there is this square dance culture which is unique to that certain University. So naturally, UM would have one too and since I did not attend pre-camp, like a monkey, I was lost and jumping around, pretending that I knew the steps when in actual fact I was just jumping around. Like a monkey.
It was a hit tho, and I totally enjoyed it.
So for us, it was this song called Crank Dat Soulja Boy by Soulja Boy (like, what else?) which I never for the life of me knew existed.
It had a catchy tune, and well, cute steps to go along with it.
And I've only just found out that the moves for the song is actually a dance by itself (think Macarena, the funky chicken, etc) and that it's HUGE over in YouTube.

I mean, people around the world did the Soulja Boy just as how UM fellas did it during that 5 days camp.

Curious enough?
Watch this.
God. It's hilarious.

And in case you were wondering, yeah, I did it too. Shook that ass all the way to China.

You can stop laughing now.

Oh btw, Merry Christmas everyone!

Altogether now, Yoooooo! Yooooo!


MyKy said...


Haha undoubtedly one of the most annoying song, but i love it!! Hahahaha..

babi la u must set the get together date on the day i go to Thailand. Babi babi!!

amy-da-great said...


Oink oink!

:i: E N K I :!: said...

LOL!! Hottest square dance this term congrats *o*