Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Its CUPID with a W

See the back of that guy's t-shirt?

It says World Universities Peace Invitational Debate -or, WUPID.

Cool name right? WUPID, WUUuuPiid. WOOPiIIID.


it was held over at UniKL(which by the way has the coolest lecture halls and classrooms) from Sunday through to Thursday. It's by invitation only, so the debate teams there are like from the best universities in the world, from Cambridge to Oxford (collectively : gasp!) to (too add a little bit of that spicy local flavour) MMU, UiTM and many more.

Muchas gracias KW for bringing me along to witness this awesome display of wit, sharp thinking and mind-blowing information overload. My god. I felt like a freaking ignoramus, totally clueless on what they were talking about.

They were debating on stuff so specific that I just shudder to be in their shoes, or rather, slippers.

Mom saw this, "Wah. wear shorts and slippers ar?!"

I couldn't grasp what they were talking about practically half of the time, and those times were spent being lulled by their delicious accent and dreaming about how beautiful the girls (and guys) were.

The half of the time?

I was in awe. Of their eloquence, their apparent lack of nerves and their brains.

The motions were made of stuff like "Give the Kurds a homeland" and,

wait for it.... "The Bolivan Revolution has failed"

WTH?! Who or what are the Kurds and when in heavens did the Bolivan Revolution happen? Boliva? Mana tu?!

Wow. I could literally feel the butterflies flying around in the space within my skull. I must add also, that the teams didn't know the motion until 15 minutes before the competition which made me respect them all the more.

It was good.

And I got to hang out with someone new who's extremely nice and equally crazy!

Meet KW's fellow debater, Melissa.

And oh, we bumped into our little high achiever Siaw Yen, and we basically yapped all the way back to Telok Gadong.


Still the same bright girl. She could rule the earth one day, really.

Current read : Night by Elie Wiesel.

Current love : McD's, after the 5 odd hours Chandu, Shashi and I spent there, talking about everything under the sun.


MyKy said...

It's Bolivarian la doink!! Apparently first led by some dude called Bolivar.. Lol.

I'm going to Worl'ds!!

amy-da-great said...


lol. My bad!!

You...*toot* you..jealousnye..!