Friday, November 30, 2007

The time when we said "Let's Go!"

So there we were, chilling while drinking tea, stuffing cheesecake into our mouths on the night of our last paper.

"Let's go on a holiday! Malacca anyone?"
"Oooo..let's! When?"


"Yeah, man!"

Off we went, clothes and essentials in our backpacks, permission by parents shrouding us like amulets, heads giddy from excitement, hearts beating with anticipation of nothing. For we did not plan, we did not think, we just did.

It was the epitome of being young, free and careless.

We stayed at this beautiful hotel, called Hotel Puri located at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. Formerly a residence of a millionaire, it was transformed into this beautiful place that doesn't promise much from the outside, but incredible on the inside.

We stuffed ourselves silly with none other than famous Malaccan fare.

Ah, of course.

Cendol session by the river.

Walking aimlessly can lead you to hidden treasure troves that reminds you of times when life was but a bed of roses, accompanied by mysterious beating of drums;

And getting lost can cause you to unintentionally bump into historical places;

Hard to believe but sometimes taking the longer cut will bring you to unexpected places..

And taking risks brings you to your cheapest dim sum breakfast ever!

but of course, we succumbed to being typical visitors and made our mark in lovely tourists haunts.

St. Paul's Hill

Stadhuy's Building
Tall, tall flag.
Who can forget, A Formosa? (or is it Famosa?)
The trishaw man waved and smiled when he noticed me stealing a picture of him
A bastion (nope, I don't know what's a bastion)

Took many, many crazy snapshots of sweet memories

I've learnt a lot, during that trip-that nice people DO exist and that they are willing to help in whatever ways possible. We weren't foreigners but they were courteous and helpful like the taxi man who waited for us in front of Mini Malaysia with no extra charge just because he knew it would be difficult for us to get a cab back to town later on. The same man who did not budge even when we got caught in the rain and the same man who came to our rescue with umbrellas, like a mild-mannered hero saving soaking wet pathetic-looking students.

And the lady who volunteered to tell us which buses to take and which to avoid even when we didn't ask, then later on wished us a safe journey.

Trinket sellers who offered to handle the camera just so the four of us would be in the picture together after seeing us taking turns to take pictures in twos and threes.

And the nice Johor traveller we met while we were on our way not once, nor twice but three times on the same day.

Plus many others who helped to point the direction to which we should be heading.

All these kind souls helped to reinforce the belief that Malaysians sure are a bunch of good people!

And that's a good thing, no?

15-16 Nov 2007


MyKy said...

Aiyo... U look so tam chiak la in the pictures. HAHA!!

buttercup said...

haha. yeah it's A Famosa

amy-da-great said...

aiyo..its not like its the first time you know me! lol

thanks dude!!