Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It could be the serene night, or TLC's Creep blasting from the headphones that triggered it or it could be just plain boredom.

Ah well.


Sometimes I wonder, whether I'm too protective of this heart of mine? ( Note: This is purely rhetorical, no one is inclined to answer.) People often ask me why am I still single when everyone else around me is happily with someone else, especially so in university. Is it such a sin to be alone? Countless eyebrows would be raised way up when I answer that it's not a big deal to me, and proceed to encourage me to faster find someone.

Find someone?

How to find lar?!

Start screening every single guy I meet as prospective partners and proceed to label them as unfortunately-taken, single-but-no way, single-and-hmm-maybe-canla, single-but so-so, cute-but-gay?

Why not shove them into compartmentalized drawers while I'm at it?

Nah. Don't think so.

Okay, so my non-existent-love life is non-existent. It's alright by me, I ain't gonna couple up with the first guy I meet just because, but it's not for many others, ironically.

Some say that I'm not willing to open up my heart which brings me back to the rhetorical question above. The thing is, it isn't just one person; I've heard that before from other people as well, years back even. So I wonder whether there is any truth in it. But I guess no one would ever know except me.


But dude, I really don't know.

I can't very well make an incision in my chest to see whether my heart is open though if I do tear my chest and rib cage apart my heart would technically be open.

SO maybe that's what I should do. Someone pass me the scalpel please.

But I might not live long enough to find out, with all the bacteria and risks of infection. I'd have an open but dead heart. That would not do, would it?


As for now, I don't know who's holding that shiny scalpel to cut me open yet.

My my, how romantic.

Mana itu orang? Aku pun tak tahu.
Ask also no use, seriously.


buttercup said...

hmm...someone's hormones starting to run wild already. ahaha! well, I think, sometimes you seriously will have to take the first step even if you are the gal. sometimes, you can't just wait till the chemistry is boiling/reacting, you'll have to initiate it yourself!

amy-da-great said...


Nope. My hormones are not running wild. Not even crawling..lol

yeah, it IS the new millennium right. heh

MyKy said...

Ha ha ha....

Go read my latest post. No i didn't especially wrote it for u, but i guess u're included.

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