Monday, November 26, 2007


I was admittedly bemused with HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) which, in my humble opinion is quite ridiculous in its claim against United Kingdom for RM14 trillion (not million, and NooooOo- not even billion) for bringing Indian labourers into Malaysia and subsequently exploiting them for some 150 years.

I thought it was some twisted method to stir some religious and racial sentiments which may threaten the peace (hmm?) prevailing in this country of ours.

Pitting one race against the other?

We've been conditioned since babies to never, ever do that, for it is much too sensitive to discuss, to talk about, to even whisper about for god forbid-that it should destroy us all.

"Shhhh!, too sensitive! wanna die ar? "

Sorry to say, I'm guilty of that as well.

But then, a little bird swooping around cyberspace reminded me that there is always 2 sides to a coin and that sometimes ignorance is bliss, yes- but is also self-destructive.

If this rally seems irrational to me, 30,000 people definitely did not think so.

If 30,000 people braved arrest to gather for this cause, there must be something to it.

Something that I must have missed.

Something that we must have missed.

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and of course,


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MyKy said...

ARGH!!! U blogged it first!! Just because i was busy.... Go read my version!

Was it RM14 trillion? Guess i missed out the 1 when i read about it.