Sunday, January 06, 2008

Who can say where the road goes? Only Time.

Time flows by like a river, cannot be stopped, even if you are foolish enough to try.
Goodbye 2007 and well, hello 2008;
what a way to end the year with a bang, with me nearly banging a car in front on a rainy, slippery day.
But I didn't (Thank YOU God.)
What a way to start the new year,
With me witnessing an accident riiiight in front of moi a few moments pass midnight.
Crash. Boom.
Erm, Bang?
Shit, what's with all this banging?!

I must add, I have no recollection of what happened in 2007, it's either too much to put my finger on, or I was too drunk.

But wait, I don't really drink.
Drunk on madness.

The new semester has started and with it all the work it entails. Organizer's almost full already, and test dates are already out. Like, dude, give us a break. Please! (SOB.)
The monster that is procrastination is looming behind, creeping closer each passing second. (....Sob. Help?)
I'm turning into a new leaf, been sitting right in front in the first row all of last week which was a far cry from sitting riiight at the back the previous sem.
Doesn't stop me from dreaming though. The best part?!
I actually revised what I did during the day on one unbelievable night which basically scared the pants off my room mate.
"What ARE you doing?! .......wait. You' god.....STUDYING?!"

Needless to say,the new resolution lasted just one night.

Who am I kidding lar?

It's Sunday evening. I don't like Sunday evenings. Sunday evenings mean that tomorrow's Monday. Tomorrow's Monday means have to wake up early. Have to wake up early means have to go to class. Have to go to class means more assignments and more notes. More notes means more to study. More to study means sad sim mei.

But Sunday evenings also mean family dinners. Family dinners mean food.
And food means happy sim mei.

I am SO easy to please.


MyKy said...

Hahaha.. Do all out to realise your resolution!!

I'm back in uni, and SICK!! Sigh...
Yeah, wat a way to end the year eh, Bhutto dead, Chua's DVD, simmei almost banged a car. Whole list of bad stuffs...

Happy new year though!

Porcupine said...

You've witnessed a couple of accidents right in front of your eyes?
Got go down and help out or not?