Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And she kept rambling on

I'm feeling....

like I should be torn in many directions, but I'm here.

I'm feeling....

like I should feel, but I can't.

Am I to envy those whose heart feels as deeply as it decides?

Restless sleep, swollen eyes, muddled mind-you tellin' me something?

Coherent sentences, please, oh-wise-head.

Insanity? In Sanity all right.

In complete sanity.


Incomplete sanity?


1 comment:

MyKy said...

Alamak... why so emo wan these days? Tsk tsk tsk... someone riding on the waves of complicated emotions ke?

Maybe u got too much things on your hands la.. Chill off abit.

For me also like tht, today went to see the head of HEP. But good thing was he's very supportive of the debate club ^_^

But then... full load of work >_<