Tuesday, October 23, 2007


currently addicted to this

The campus beckons and yours truly is going to be MIA for about a month.

I shall emerge from the battle stronger than ever before, with my sanity intact.

And a bit thinner too, hopefully.

Gonna miss all of you, gonna miss you, bloggie, gonna miss you TV.

But like how Arnie used to say,

"I'll be BAK ! "

*smooch smooch hug hug *

closure? release?

happy for you.


Porcupine said...

Seems like someone wants to be disconnected from the world for a while...
All the best in the coming exams Amy!!!

MyKy said...

Wah... so many posts lately. Haha. Not to worry, u'll do well in studies.

Still sane, of cos.

Thin? Hmmm......... The weather is rainy here in UTM..

Come see the Royals in UiTM shah alam!! Starts on 24th