Sunday, October 07, 2007

I cut my hair!

Me : I'm thinking of piercing my nose...i think it's quite..

Mom : What?! NO.

Me : ...nice..but..

Mom : You'll spoil the feng shui of your face.


And oh, if you need a good cry, you should watch Adoption Stories over at Discovery Home & Health .

God. I just couldn't stop bawling.


Esther said...

post picture la, otherwise cannot see also

oh wait. i'll be seeing you this weekend izzit? :)

amy-da-great said...

just saw you today!!
heh heh

Josie said...

lovely to stumble upon your blog. =)

that's what my mom said when i pierced my nose too. spoil the feng shui. i wonder if it's true or if it's some kinda response from the great family handbook to your daughter's silly request.

but you know me lah; do first, tell later.

errr....don't learn from me okay.

amy-da-great said...


josie che che !
LMAO. You know what..I think you're right about that handbook thingy..

Mayb I should try doing that, do first, tell later.
Then I'll just say,
"josie che che teach one ! "