Sunday, October 21, 2007


They said that places of worship have this aura about them that pulls you into a vortex of calmness.
Actually KW said that.

But its true; I went to the Brickfields Buddhist Temple today and for some reason I feel a lot better. Pouring my heart out to a higher being does work, I guess. A little blessing didn't hurt either.
Pledged to be a better human being as well, but you don't have to know all that.

And of course, with my family being the Chuah family, once we're out of the house we're OUT of the house. Lunch was at SUBWAY, S.Pyramid ( LW : Yeap! It's inching closer to home now!) upon my mom's request who is now a sandwich convert and a SUBWAY Groupie. What was supposed to only be a lunch outing, turned into a lepak session with some attempt of shopping thrown into the fray.
Tried some organic-super healthy-low calories-low cholesterol-soy ice-cream which was *ahem different, but nice after a few mouthfuls.

Okay. I have to admit it, I am grateful that my family gives me my space and never forces me-god forbid-to sit at the table 24-7.
It's good that they keep me sane by being the fun-loving people that they are. Of course, sometimes it gets a lil' bit out of hand but the little things that they do, forcing me out for dinner after being at home studying-eventhough they have to drag me out screaming "I donwannago! Ta Pau for me! Ta Pau!TAAA PAUUU!"
Wait, that never happens.
Usually I only need a minute amount of persuasion before I grab my phone and slip into my slippers.

words of encouragement, pecks on the head(Yeah, my dad still gives me pecks on the head-still very much the princess)
and silly jokes;

Dad (pointing at the telly ) : Eh, see whether your name's on TV or not!
Mom (excited) : What? Really? Where? .... Wait..What list is that?
Dad : The central committee members of the Communist Party.

me laughing in the background.

Brother was buying some creampuffs amounting to RM9.30
Dad (handing over money to mom, to be passed to bro.) : Nah
Mom(looking at the 2 keping of coins handed over to her) : Hah? So little ar?
Dad : Yeah, there got 30 cents what.

me laughing in the background.

Mom : What were you two doing in the toilet la? Why so long one?
Bro : We were playing with the high tech hand dryer.
Dad : Not only that, the toilet's so high tech, you don't have to do anything there's this pipe that attaches to *ahem* which sucks your urine out.
Mom : HA. HA.

me laughing in the background.

Dad-the fervent advocate of the Mandarin language : Eh, want to go learn Mandarin ar?
Mom : Bu Yao.

me laughing in the background.

still make my day.

It's times like these that I thank my stars.


lw said...

try going to a cemetery, it keeps you away from reality.

SUBWAY's in Pyramid? Argh! But then again, with the amount of Baguettes i have in a week, I doubt I'll go crazy over it anytime soon.

ShinD said...

hey, brickfields is beautiful. i mean the temple la. haha

amy-da-great said...

Cemeteries in the movies look so much better than the ones over here.
You sure you wanna hang around in cemeteries?

yeah..very true