Sunday, February 11, 2007

Home, home on the range..where the deers and the antelopes play?

I'm back home after 2 exhausting weeks of preparing and sitting for tests (not to self : it's just a test for goodness sake..)
But it's done and over with, and I'm living in the present tense.

glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, tricarboxylic cycle, solutions - so long for now. Muaks.

I am sleepy and I can't think straight.
I'm bloated and I've again, gained weight.
Mom says face is chubby,
I say "Hello, tummy!"
I'm feeling crappy,
When I should be happy,
Why am I rhyming,
I must be dreaming
Syndrome maybe?
Hurricane in me.
Or maybe,
I'm just sleepy.

I'm currently having SIMS - Stuck In Malaysia Syndrome.

Symptoms : A tinge of Jealousy, Hallucinations culminating in Guilt.

Cause : Wandering minds.

I want to see, I want to touch, I want to breathe, I want to hear and smell.
I want Life.

Valentine's coming?
Oh really?


Nothing to say.

I am sleepy.

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