Thursday, February 15, 2007

When ignorance ain't a bliss.

You might have heard of Darfur;
In the news, in print, in whispers.
Now find out,
And know; and be aware.

Conflict in Darfur- Wikipedia

Make Some Noise

In brief - Genocide Intervention Network

Human Rights Watch - Crisis in Darfur

The Holocaust served as a grim reminder;
Why the deja vu?

Are we to forget?


kinwai said...

Standard la humans. Perhaps this goes to show that this idea of mine long long ago might actually happens.

As known, science and tech advances, medic advances, health of ppl advances. Thus, less death and more birth per year than decades ago.

Space on earth is limited! There won't be enough place for everyone!!

So those extra ones will have to go away.

We have wars (Yeah Holocaust!)
We have SARS (Not much death but still...)
We have tsunamis!! (Now this is big.)
We have more wars (again!)

All to accommodate the growing number of people.

So at the end of the day, such events acts as a check-and-balance to ensure the population is under control.

Heck sounds ridiculous but seems it's happening eh? Har Har.

So who decides? God maybe? War? Maybe Ares decided He's too bored and planted some ideas in the head of some Iraqis.

Ha Ha Ha.

P.S: Ares is Greek(or was it Roman?) God of War. Athena as well i think. Maybe Ares is taking side of US and Athena the side of Middle East.

Wow such long of a comment! Might as well put in my blog

lw said...

Did you watch the movie Blood Diamond?

You ought to.

Oh wait, I think I asked you that before already...

Oh well...

amy-da-great said...


You DID post it up in your I read this there and post a little comment over at your domain.
Behold the power of cut-and-paste!

Life and death is natural, like night and day.
But like you said, who decides?

Who knows?
God, karma?
Each one of us has our own personal truths.

But I do know that it's incomprehensible and unacceptable when humans determine the life or death of another human being on the basis of race, creed or superiority.

But on the other hand, we have the justice system determining the lives of others too. Ironical?

Yeah, you told me about it already.
I shall hunt for the dvd, sit my butt down and watch it!