Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The day the God of Prosperity came to Klang

First day of holiday.

-Slept and slept some more.

-"I wanna eat Yee Sang! "

And so we had some. I came this close to licking the plate clean.

My father was in a new year mood and suggested stopping over in Klang town for some festive cheer and needless to say, loud blaring karaoke singing. They've closed off a stretch of road around the old Ocean supermarket ( no idea what it's being called now; to me, it'll always be Ocean. The Ocean of the days where Great Wall was the family lepak joint and Subang Parade was the farthest I've ever been. The Ocean where I'd beg for a cone of ice-cream and the place for pizza and.. ) and put up a stage at the end of the road, lined with stalls selling all things red.
Most of people there were well into their fifties and sixties; singing along to the Hokkien and Mandarin songs being performed on stage, sung with quavering booming voices.
There was even one Elvis song in between.
Not that I'm complaining, it's entertainment, anyway.
Not only Elvis Presley: reincarnated decided to drop by, the God of Prosperity aka Mr. Choy Sun decided to join in the fun too.
And he appeared in the most superb way possible.

Sashaying to the Star Wars theme.

Now, how cool is that!
Until the people showed everyone what we're famous for; hogging free gifts. People were grabbing at that poor fella, not only grabbing at his handful of ang pows, but his beard, his hat, his clothes! Til the organizer had everyone line up.

He was like the oriental Santa Claus, except a little thinner, has a black beard instead of white and is decked in gold instead of holly. Uncles and Aunties, instead of little children; lining up to whisper into Choy Sun's ear their wishes.

Tell Choy Sun want you want for this Chinese New Year..

Heh heh.. *whisper whisper whisper*

The night wasn't over it seems as later on, while being in a shop, I saw with my own eyes what good the people can do too, in the face of shame and thoughtlessness.
I saw, admist shouts and mayhem a man running away from the police, passing barely inches from us.
And I saw, brave civilians catching hold of him as he sprinted, handing him over to the authorities.
Not that I'm immediately assuming that the runaway was guilty, but if he was,
Civic consciousness is alive and well and how mighty glad I am that that is so.
Looks like entertainment can be found down in the streets as well!

p/s :

I blardy well want to go to the Muse concert.

Can someone take me?


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